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Best Gifts for Three Year Olds
Aeromax Robot Helmet
BeginAgain Toys I1202 Number Snail Puzzle
BeginAgain Toys I1204 Dinosaur A-Z Puzzle

BeginAgain Toys I1501 Dog Family Bi-Lingual Puzzle
The Dog Family puzzle is both playset and puzzle all in one! Children play with the pieces like a playset, put them together to complete the puzzle, and can display it on a shelf to admire! Great first puzzle for fine motor skill development. This 6 piece puzzle teaches colors in both English and...
$11.99 [each]
Out of Stock
BeginAgain Toys I1601 Farm A to Z puzzle
The Farm A to Z Puzzle—The newest addition to BeginAgain's popular line of wooden alphabet puzzles, The Farm A to Z is a complete farm playset and a learning toy in one. Each of the 26 chunky pieces is a familiar animal, plant, piece of equipment or person on the farm—from A for apple tree and...
$39.99 [each]
California Creations 40277 Dusty the Dune Buggy Wind Up
Wind up , drives forward , does a forward roll , drives forward again... Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 70105 Mona Monkey Wind Up
Mona is a wind up monkey that moves to the side while carrying her baby on her back Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
Out of Stock
California Creations 72012 Emma the Elephant Wind Up
Wind up Emma the Elephant to watch her walk and swing her head! Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 73050 Tommy the Twister Boy Wind Up
Wind up Tommy the Twister to watch him dance! 3.5" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 73051 Trixie the Twister Girl Wind Up
Wind up Trixie the Twister to watch her dance! 3.5" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 75301 Santa Noggin Wind Up
Wind up Santa to watch him dance! 3.5" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 75302 Rudy - Rudolph Wind Up
Wind up Rudy the reindeer to watch him dance! 3.5" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
Out of Stock
California Creations 80100 Tony the T Rex Wind Up
Wind up Tony the T Rex to watch him walk forward, chomp his teeth and move his arms. 3.5" long. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 80250 Crab Wind Up
Crab Windup will shuffle sideways, eyes bobbing up and down, moving one arm and closing his large claw all after a couple cranks of the windup mechanism. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 80450 Scott the Scorpion Wind Up
Wind up Scott the Scorpian to watch him walk forward and swing his tail and move his pincers. 3.5" long. Ages 3+
$3.99 [each]
California Creations 80930 George Giraffe Wind Up
Wind up George the giraffe to watch him skitter around! 3" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty SF003 Superfly Super Illusions Putty -Mini 2" Tin
This bouncy, bold, spectacularly stretchy stuff will have kids imagining new and fun ways to play all day. Naturally, it's called "Thinking Putty"! Made from top secret but all natural ingredients, the putty is safe and non-toxic. Come packages in a reusable metal tin. It can stretch like rubber...
$2.99 [each]
Dover 80077-6 Creative Haven CityScapes: A Coloring Book with a Hidden Picture Twist
Twenty-eight dynamic illustrations offer snapshots of cities all over the world, from London, Paris, and Florence to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Hidden pictures make each page worth a second look! Answers are included. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and...
$5.99 [each]
Epoch CT51005 Chalktivity Powdered Chalk Refill Packs
CREATIVITY IN ACTION – This rainbow refill pack is designed for all of your favorite Chalktivity toys. Get new shades for your stompers. Swing into a new hue with your jump rope. These additional colors are the perfect addition to your already brilliant imagination. GET UP AND ACTIVE – If...
$4.99 [each]
Groovy Girls 153320 Princess Crystelle Doll
Princess Crystelle is looking beautiful in her sparkly blue dress! Outfit is removable and attaches with a Velcro-like closure on back. Ages 3+
$19.99 [each]
Groovy Girls 153670 Layla
Layla is a cutie and a cat lover! Ages 3+
$14.99 [each]
Groovy Girls 153680 Lola
Lola is looking good in her maxi dress! Ages 3+
$14.99 [each]
Kidkraft 65823 Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture
This deluxe dollhouse features a gliding elevator that stops at all three floors and 14 pieces of furniture, including a grand piano that plays music, a toilet that makes flushing sounds, and a lamp that lights up. Every door and window opens and closes for added appeal. The interactive features...
$179.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Kidoozie G02523 Sky Pong Game
Kids will enjoy the cool new way to play catch with the Sky Pong Ball Launchers. Load the foam balls into a launcher, flip the switch, launch the ball into the sky, and race to catch it before it hits the ground. Great game to play outdoors with family and friends. If you’re looking for a game...
$24.99 [each]
Kidoozie G02529 Double X-Track Build-A-Road
Ready, set, race with the Build-A-Road Double X-Track! Build your own race course with over 200 pieces and over 11 feet of interchangeable, flexible track. Combine with other Build-A-Road sets for exciting adventures. The road is your own creation and can curve and cross wherever you choose for...
$29.99 [each]
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