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Breyer horses have a tradition of quality, authenticity, innovation and fun! King Arthur's Toys carries a wide selection of Breyer toys including horses, barns and accessories

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Breyer Wind Dancers
Breyer 1723 Traditional Weathermont Ethan
Sale! $44.99   $38.24
Breyer 5979 Stablemates Polka Dot Parade 4pc Gift Set
Sale! $14.99   $12.74
Breyer 715005 Traditional Black Caviar
Sale! $46.99   $39.94

Breyer 1345 Traditional Secratariat
Secratariat's astonishing 31-length victory in the Belmont Stakes, accomplished after winning the first two racing jewels in the Triple Crown, has yet to be repeated. In the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat set a speed record of 1:59 2/5, and he captured the Preakness Stake with ease.
Sale! $44.99   $38.24 [each]
Breyer 1478 Traditional Zenyatta Racehorse Royalty
Zenyatta is 17 hands high and a definate fan favorite. She is the first mare to win the Breeder's Cup Classic, beating all the male horses. She is the record holder for most consecutive wins. She won 17 races in a row! When you buy Zenyatta, a portion of the proceeds goes to three charities,...
Sale! $46.99   $39.94 [each]
Breyer 1490 Traditional Zenyatta's First Colt
In 2009, Zenyatta grabbed the racing world's attention by becoming the first filly to win the Breeders' Cup Classic. She went on to win 19 races in her 20 race career, and earned the 2010 Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year. Owned by Jerry and Ann Moss, Zenyatta was retired from racing in 2010 to...
Sale! $19.99   $16.99 [each]
Breyer 2614 Traditional Series "Dually" Truck
An essential item for any Traditional horse purchase, the new truck is sharp and stylish in burgundy with silver trim, and it hitches to the matching two-horse tag-along trailer in a snap! Featuring rolling, rubber-like wheels and front wheels that turn with the steering wheel. Working parts...
Sale! $79.99   $67.99 [each]
Breyer 59197 Stablemates Red Stable
This three stall barn features a tack/storage area, four corral fences, jump, water trough and three race barrels. Measures 11x7x10.5". Ages 4+.
Sale! $29.99   $25.49 [each]
Breyer 1409 Traditional Let's Go Riding - English
Let's go riding! This girl and rider are the perfect gift for any child or the beginning model horse exhibitor who loves English riding! Set comes with spotted Appaloosa Sporthorse, English saddle set with bridle, and an 8" articulated rider dressed in casual riding attire. Scale 1:9 Ages 8+
Sale! $54.99   $46.74 [each]
Breyer 1410 Traditional Let's Go Riding - Western
Let's go riding! This girl and rider are the perfect gift for any child or the beginning model horse exhibitor who loves western riding! Comes with a buckskin stock horse, Western saddle set with bridle, 8" articulated rider in Western riding outfit and cowboy hat. Scale 1:9 Ages 8+
Sale! $54.99   $46.74 [each]
Breyer 1704 Lindsay's Faith
Adopted by trainer Mary Miller-Jordan, Lindsay’s Faith made it to the finals of the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. After the competition, the pair began competing in American Competitive Trail Horse Association events, and was selected to participate in the 2011 America’s Favorite Trail...
Sale! $44.99   $38.24 [each]
Breyer 1709 Traditional RCH Ventarrones
Peruvian stallion RCH Ventarrones has amassed many titles in his show career, including: 33 Champion of Champions, 14 Best Gaited Horse of Show, 20 Best Gaited Stallion, and 20 First Place Stallion Zootenico (conformation) titles! He is the highest-pointed Peruvian Breeding Stallion in the U.S.,...
Sale! $44.99   $38.24 [each]
Breyer 1717 Mù Wén Ma
In addition to 2014 being the Chinese Year of the Horse, it is also the year of the Wood Horse. Wood traditionally adds stability and strength to the characteristics already attributed to a person born in the year of the horse. A vintage Breyer color, the rich woodgrain of this proud horse makes it...
Sale! $49.99   $42.49 [each]
Breyer 1719 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police create a world-renowned spectacle that is a living symbol of Canada - the Musical Ride! The Musical Ride was established in 1887 as a way for the RCMP to display their riding ability and to entertain themselves and the local community. Today, the Musical Ride is based...
Sale! $49.99   $42.49 [each]
Breyer 1721 Traditional Sahran Arabian
Breyer celebrates the world's oldest horse breed, the Arabian, with a limited edition model sculpted by acclaimed German equine artist Brigitte Eberl. A stunning grey stallion captures the finest characteristics of the beautiful and graceful Arabian Horse.
Sale! $44.99   $38.24 [each]
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Breyer 2050 Traditional English Riding Set - Hot Colors
Accessorize your horse! Saddle, bridle, saddle pad, crop, polo wraps, bell boots and splint boots come in the eye-opening combination of yellow and turquoise. Fits traditional size horses.
Sale! $29.99   $25.49 [each]
Breyer 2051 Traditional Western Riding Set - Hot Colors
Accessorize your horse! The saddle, bridle, splint boots, bell boots, and saddle pad come in watermelon pink and bright green. Fits traditional size horses. Horses sold separately.
Sale! $29.99   $25.49 [each]
Breyer 2476 Traditional Grooming Kit
Authentic, finely-detailed grooming kit includes hardwood grooming box, sweat scraper, curry comb, hoof pick, face brush, body brush, hoof polish, electric clippers, and mud scraper. Ages 8+
Sale! $14.99   $12.74 [each]
Breyer 2477 Traditional Stable Cleaning Set
Help clean up the barn. Includes broom, shovel, pitchfork, muck bucket, wheelbarrow and imitation manure! Meant for traditional size horses, ages 8+.
Sale! $19.99   $16.99 [each]
Breyer 2486 Traditional Stable Feed Set
Feed your horses! Features water trough, leather feed bag, bag of feed, hay bale, feed scoop and feed bucket. This set is for Traditional sized horses. 7 pieces in all, ages 8+.
Sale! $19.99   $16.99 [each]
Breyer 2615 Traditional Horse Trailer
Hit the road with your model horses! Authentically detailed horse trailer is perfect for all your Breyer Traditional Seties horses! Features room for two horses, a divider, padded rear chains, two back doors with Dutch openings, four working tires, one side door, hitch. Also includes license plate...
Sale! $79.99   $67.99 [each]
Breyer 285 Cavaletti Set
Cavaletti are very useful training tools to develop rhythm and cadence in the equine athlete. Includes two bars and 4 support pieces. Horses and figures are sold separately. Ages 8+ Scale 1:9
Sale! $9.99   $8.49 [each]
Breyer 522 Traditional Veterinarian: Lauren
This 8" rider is fully-articulated and includes a stethoscope and medical bag. Traditional scale. Ages 4+.
Sale! $15.99   $13.59 [each]
Breyer 530 Traditional Farrier with Blacksmith Tools
This 8" rider is fully articulated and dressed in a blacksmithing outfit. Includes tools. Ages 4+. Traditional scale figure.
Sale! $15.99   $13.59 [each]
Breyer 5356 Stablemates Pick-up Truck And Gooseneck Trailer
Features hinged roof panels for easy access to a three-stall interior and storage area. The deluxe pick-up truck features doors that open and close, a drop-down tailgate and wheels that roll. (Horses not included.) Ages 4+
Sale! $29.99   $25.49 [each]
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