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Breyer horses have a tradition of quality, authenticity, innovation and fun! King Arthur's Toys carries a wide selection of Breyer toys including horses, barns and accessories

Traditional Series

Traditional Accessories

Classic Series


Breyer Wind Dancers
Breyer 5979 Stablemates Polka Dot Parade 4pc Gift Set
Breyer 2614 Traditional Series "Dually" Truck
Breyer 1709 Traditional RCH Ventarrones

Breyer 2615 Traditional Horse Trailer
Hit the road with your model horses! Authentically detailed horse trailer is perfect for all your Breyer Traditional Seties horses! Features room for two horses, a divider, padded rear chains, two back doors with Dutch openings, four working tires, one side door, hitch. Also includes license plate...
$79.99 [each]
Breyer 285 Cavaletti Set
Cavaletti are very useful training tools to develop rhythm and cadence in the equine athlete. Includes two bars and 4 support pieces. Horses and figures are sold separately. Ages 8+ Scale 1:9
$9.99 [each]
Breyer 530 Traditional Farrier with Blacksmith Tools
This 8" rider is fully articulated and dressed in a blacksmithing outfit. Includes tools. Ages 4+. Traditional scale figure.
$17.99 [each]
Breyer 5412 Stablemates Horse Lovers' Collection
The Stablemates Horse Lover's Collection Shadow Box Set offers 9 horses and 1 foal of different breeds. A description of each breed and its characteristics and photograph of the real horse decorates the reverse side. Can stand on a table or hang like a picture. The perfect gift to give or get for...
$26.99 [each]
Breyer 61039 Classics Vet Care Set
Help the veterinarian take care of all the animals in this fun set! Includes: bay foal, 6" articulated veterinarian, dog, cat, foal blanket, medical bag, bucket and stethoscope. Ages 4+
$29.99 [each]
Breyer 61047 Classic Series Pet Sitter
What could be better than having a job you really love? This girl is lucky enough to babysit a cute black and white pinto foal and her Beagle and cat friends. Caring for these animals takes a responsible person, but she is up the job with your help! The set includes a 1:12 scale foal, 6"...
$26.99 [each]
Breyer 61068 Classics Abigail, English Rider
6" articulated English rider comes dressed in a fashionable pink-accented riding outfit and has a coordinating saddle pad! Includes: 6" articulated doll, riding helmet, English saddle, bridle and saddle pad. Ages 4+ Scale 1:12
$16.99 [each]
Breyer 61082 Classics Best Friends
This Fleabitten Grey Morgan mare has a very special friend - a lovely sable Shetland Sheepdog! Morgans have great stamina, intelligence and bravery which makes them ideal for a variety of riding and driving disciplines. Commonly known as a "Sheltie," Shetland Sheepdogs originated in Scotland where...
$29.99 [each]
Breyer 688 Classics 3 Horse Stable
Stable your Classics horses in this 3 stall barn. Includes blue-and-white plank jump. (Horses not included). Ages 5+.
$29.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Breyer 934 Classics Silver Bay Mustang
This 1:12 scale model is authentically crafted and hand painted, and is perfect for young collectors! Ages 4+
$16.99 [each]
Breyer 2043 Brush Box Jump Traditional
A charming pink and white jump with 2 standards, 3 brush boxes and 2 adjustable poles. (Horse, rider, brush and flowers not included).
$22.99 [each]
Breyer 7107 Ella Color Change Surprise
Ella understands the importance of staying true to herself, so while she is full of energy and enjoys playing on her soccer team, she loves to pamper herself after a big game. A bath is the perfect way to relax and reveal her true colors! Kids are in for a surprise when they play with Ella's hair....
$19.99 [each]
Breyer 1157 Traditional Misty And Stormy Set With Book
Misty and Stormy are together again along with the book that introduced them to the world. Since the publication of Misty of Chincoteague in 1947, Misty has become one of the most beloved equines in children's literature. Marguerite Henry's novel weaves a true story with warmth and imagination. The...
$34.99 [each]
Breyer 1345 Traditional Secratariat
Secratariat's astonishing 31-length victory in the Belmont Stakes, accomplished after winning the first two racing jewels in the Triple Crown, has yet to be repeated. In the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat set a speed record of 1:59 2/5, and he captured the Preakness Stake with ease.
$44.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Breyer 1409 Traditional Let's Go Riding - English
Let's go riding! This girl and rider are the perfect gift for any child or the beginning model horse exhibitor who loves English riding! Set comes with spotted Appaloosa Sporthorse, English saddle set with bridle, and an 8" articulated rider dressed in casual riding attire. Scale 1:9 Ages 8+
$54.99 [each]
Breyer 1410 Traditional Let's Go Riding - Western
Let's go riding! This girl and rider are the perfect gift for any child or the beginning model horse exhibitor who loves western riding! Comes with a buckskin stock horse, Western saddle set with bridle, 8" articulated rider in Western riding outfit and cowboy hat. Scale 1:9 Ages 8+
$54.99 [each]
Breyer 1704 Lindsay's Faith
Adopted by trainer Mary Miller-Jordan, Lindsay’s Faith made it to the finals of the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. After the competition, the pair began competing in American Competitive Trail Horse Association events, and was selected to participate in the 2011 America’s Favorite Trail...
$44.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Breyer 1705 Pinto Sporthorse
Sport Horses are bred to perform in the Olympic disciplines: evening, dressage and show jumping. Their size, talent and athletic ability make them a natural fit in these challenging events. In order to be competitive, Sport Horses need to have good conformation. Some common traits to look for in...
$44.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Breyer 1708 Snowman Famous Show Jumper
Snowman was champion at the 1958 National Horse Show, winning the stake there the following year. In 1958 and 1959, he was named both the American Horse Shows Association (now the USEF) Horse of the Year and the Professional Horsemen’s Association Champion. Ages 8+ Traditional size, 1:9...
$44.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Breyer 1716 SBH Phoenix
Some horses make winning look so natural, you can say that they were born champions - and Clydesdale stallion SBH Phoenix is a prime example! During the course of his show career, he has amassed 25 champion and reserve honors at major shows like the World Clydesdale Show, Royal Winter Fair and US...
$46.99 [each]
Breyer 1719 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police create a world-renowned spectacle that is a living symbol of Canada - the Musical Ride! The Musical Ride was established in 1887 as a way for the RCMP to display their riding ability and to entertain themselves and the local community. Today, the Musical Ride is based...
$49.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Breyer 1720 OT Sara Moniet RSI: Endurance Champion
In 2011, the incredible Arabian mare OT Sara Moniet RSI was named the Arabian Horse Association's (AHA) Distance Horse of the Year, the American Endurance Ride Conference's (AERC) Distance Horse of the Year, the AHA's High Point 55-99 mile Endurance Horse, and the Institute for the Desert Arabian...
$39.99 [each]
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