Cap guns
Cap Guns

Cap guns are a great way to get kids out of the house, running around and making noise!

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Parris 912 Paper Roll Caps
Parris 4602 Grizzly Rifle W Scope
Parris 915 Single Shot Strip Caps

Parris 916 Soft Rubber Ammo
This ammo works with the SPORTSMAN Guns and shoots up to 50 feet! Includes 20 soft rubber ammo balls.
$2.99 [each]
Parris 5510 Stagecoach Double Holster Set
Who's the Sherriff in this town? Includes molded holsters with belt and two repeater cap pistols. Shoots #912 paper roll caps. Ages 6+.
$29.99 [each]
Parris 4607 Sportsman 44 Magnum
Looks like the real thing! Features real working hammer with an 8 shot cylinder. Shoots #916 Soft Rubber Ammo up to 20 feet. Measures 12" long. Made in Italy.
$12.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Parris 4609 Sportsman 8 Shot Rifle
This rifle features a real working hammer with 8 Shot Cylinder. Shoots #916 Soft Rubber Ammo up to 20 feet. Measures 29" Long. Ages 14+.
$24.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Parris 4628 Autocap Handgun
This Autocap Handgun is constructed of high quality durable plastic, features semi-auto action. Shoots #915 Strip Caps. Made in Italy.
$11.99 [each]
Out of Stock
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