Lego City features fire and police stations, gas tankers and other vehicles!
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Lego City features fire and police stations, gas tankers and other vehicles! King Arthur's is the Best Online Toy Shop featuring Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 and now Accepting Paypal Payments!
Lego 60065 City ATV Patrol
Lego 60067 City Helicopter Pursuit
Lego 60068 City Crooks’ Hideout

Lego 60069 City Swamp Police Station
Foil the Swamp Police Station jailbreak and catch the crooks! Features a police station, 4x4 off-roader, police boat, crooks’ boat, off-road motorcycle, hideout and an alligator. Includes 6 minifigures with assorted accessories: 2 crooks and 4 police officers. Ages 6+, 707 pieces.
$89.99 [each]
Lego 60075 City Excavator and Truck
Get the job done with the demolition Excavator and Truck! Features an excavator with moving boom and claw, working conveyor belt and a truck with tipping bed and opening tailgate. Ages 5+, 311 pieces.
$54.99 [each]
Lego 60081 City Pickup Tow Truck
Come to the rescue with the Pickup Tow Truck! Features a tow truck with working hoist and a car. Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: a motorist and a mechanic. Ages 5+, 209 pieces.
$21.99 [each]
Lego 60082 City Dune Buggy Trailer
Drive the dune buggy to the beach for some off-road fun! Features a 4x4 truck, detachable trailer with fold-down ramps and a dune buggy. Ages 5+, 222 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 60083 City Snowplow Truck
Clear snow and ice with the awesome Snowplow Truck! Features a detachable blade and truck bed, opening doors and salt spreading function. Ages 5+, 196 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 60084 City Racing Bike Transporter
Get to the circuit on time with the awesome Racing Bike Transporter! Features a pickup with ramp, trailer with folding ramp, 2 race bikes, podium and a trophy. Ages 5+, 178 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 60085 City 4x4 with Powerboat
Head for the coast aboard the awesome 4x4 with Powerboat! Features a pickup truck, trailer and a powerboat. Includes 2 powerboat driver minifigures with assorted accessories. Ages 5+, 301 pieces.
$29.99 [each]
Lego 7280 City Train Straight & Crossroads
Expand your LEGO town with this set of straight and crossroad plates. Includes 2 pieces, each measures 10x10". Ages 5+.
$19.99 [each]
Lego 7281 City Train T-Junction & Curves
Add a T-junction and crossroads to your LEGO town with this set of building plates. Includes 2 pieces, each measures 10x10". Ages 5+.
$19.99 [each]
Lego 60033 City Arctic Ice Crawler
Explore remote areas with the LEGO® City Arctic Ice Crawler! Features driver’s cabin, multiple lights, radar, antenna, rotating crane with a heavy-duty hook and rubber tracks. Ages 5+, 113 pieces.
Sale! $17.99   $15.00 [each]
Lego 60041 City Police Crook Pursuit
Features a police motorbike and a wall/fence section! Includes crook and policeman minifigures with assorted accessories. Ages 5+, 38 pcs.
$7.99 [each]
Lego 60002 City Fire Truck
Put out the fire with the new Lego City Fire Truck! Features an extending and rotating ladder, equipment hatch, storage box, firefighters, a fire hydrant and more! Ages 5+, 209 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 60004 City Fire Station
Join the Lego Fire Crew in putting out the flames! Features Dalmatian dog, helicopter landing pad, fire pole, 2 retracting garage doors, 3 stories, signage, 2 garage bays, streetlight, trash can, furniture and more. Includes 3 vehicles: fire truck, fire van and a fire helicopter. Also includes 5...
$109.99 [each]  Free Shipping!
Lego 60007 City Police High Speed Chase
Join the Elite Police in chasing the bad guy! Time for Chase McCain™ in his LEGO® City Elite Police car and Elite Police motorcycle buddy to chase down the burglar in his sports car! Ages 5+, 283 pieces.
$34.99 [each]
Lego 60043 City Prisoner Transporter
Foil the Prisoner Transporter bust out and catch the crooks! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: a policeman and 2 crooks.Features an armored Prisoner Transporter and an ATV. Ages 5+, 196 pcs.
$27.99 [each]
Lego 60044 City Mobile Police Unit
Track down the crook with the high-tech Mobile Police Unit! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: 2 policemen and a crook. Features a Mobile Police Unit with control room, 3 surveillance screens, jail, detachable trailer with support legs, road barrier storage compartment, folding...
$49.99 [each]
Lego 60046 City Helicopter Surveillance
Raid the crook hideout with the high-powered police helicopter! Includes 3 policemen and 2 crooks with assorted accessories. Features police helicopter, crook hideout, crooks’ car and a barrel. Ages 5+, 528 pcs.
$79.99 [each]
Lego 60053 City Race Car
Speed to victory in the Race Car and win the trophy! Includes a race car driver minifigure with a racing helmet and winner's trophy. Features adjustable spoiler and never-before-seen racing wheels. Ages 5+, 100pcs.
$10.99 [each]
Lego 60055 City Monster Truck
Jump over the biggest obstacles in the mighty Monster Truck! Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories. Ages 5+, 78 pcs.
$10.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Lego 60057 City Camper Van
Pack up the Camper Van and get ready for riverside adventures! Includes 2 adventurer minifigures with assorted accessories. Features opening doors, a canoe stored on the roof, roof compartments and lots of space inside for the minifigures. Ages 5+, 195 pcs.
$22.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Lego 60060 City Auto Transporter
Features an Auto Transporter and 2 cool sports cars; Auto Transporter features opening doors, lowering ramps and detachable trailer! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: a driver and a dealer; Accessories include a clipboard and a briefcase. Ages 5+, 350 pcs.
$34.99 [each]
Lego 7499 City Train Flexible Tracks Set
Make your train go around awkward shapes - or anywhere - with this set of 8 straight and 16 flexible tracks! Note: Tracks do not conduct electricity and therefore are not compatible with LEGO 9V trains. Ages 5+.
$19.99 [each]
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