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Shop our great selection of trains, bridges, tunnels, track and other toys. Thomas encourages role play and use of imagination. Encourage kids to play with great toys!
Thomas Wooden Railway BDG54 Lights & Sounds Ironworks
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4092 Deluxe Over The Track Signal
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4095 Search Light

Thomas Wooden Railway Y4413 Deluxe Figure 8 Expansion Track Pack
Add new twists and turns to your Figure 8 Set! Features 13 assorted pieces of track and a riser to create straight paths, switch track, and curves. Also includes a Stop and Go Depot destination. Ages 3+.
$49.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4493 Rumbling Bridge
Inspired by the Thomas and Friends episode. "The Grand Opening", the Rumbling Bridge is a fun addition for any wooden railway set! The bridge rumbles and shakes with a simple twist of the knob. Made with real wood and features realistic railway details. Includes 2 pieces of ascending track. Expand...
$49.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Thomas Wooden Railway 99929 Straight & Curved Expansion Set
These set expansion packs are great assortments for adding on to your Thomas set. Each pack comes with a free Builder's Guide filled with exciting new layouts to expand your favorite Thomas Wooden Railway set.
$34.99 [each]
Thomas Wooden Railway BDG64 Elevated Crossing Gate
Add this Elevated Crossing Gate to your Thomas Wooden Railway. Ages 3+.
$19.99 [each]
Thomas Wooden Railway BGP34 Over and Under Bridge
Add some fun to your wooden railway system! This over and under bridge includes one ascending.
$27.99 [each]
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4088 Figure 8 Expansion Set
Expand your Thomas train set! The Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack is a fun and easy way to add twists and turns to your Figure 8 Set. Free builders guide inside!
$44.99 [each]
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4367 Tidmouth's Shed
A place for Thomas to rest... spots for TEN trains rest their wheels. Comes with five-way switch track. Measures 21" long.
$99.99 [each]  Free Shipping!
Out of Stock
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4368 Cranky The Crane
Cranky the Crane is always in use, he doesn't get much sleep, which is why he is so cranky. Measures 10.5" tall.
$49.99 [each]
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4494 Wacky Track Bridge
Add the excitement of bridge play to your Thomas and Friends wooden railway. Paxton has to make it over the rickety bridge on his way to Arlsedale! Join Paxton as he twists and turns on his way to a new adventure. Includes 3 risers and twisty track. Ages 3+
$49.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4499 Deluxe Railroad Crossing
Move the gates to either block or allow road traffic to pass, hear warning bells and see flashing red lights! Signal lights flash when road gates are closed or by pressing the button. Sounds activate as the gates are closed or when button is pressed. Requires two AAA batteries.
$27.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Thomas Wooden Railway Y4500 Ascending Track and Riser Pack
Expand your Thomas train set! Elevate your Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway by adding ascending track and risers to any existing layout! Includes 2 pieces of ascending track and 4 track risers. Compatible with all Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway engines, playsets, and track pieces. Ages 3+
$22.99 [each]
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