If you're looking to get that perfect toy for the kids or grandkids, the best toy store in the city is King Arthur’s Court Toys.

To be clear, that’s not a terribly controversial opinion, especially if you’ve ever been inside the place. For 35 years, it’s been an undeniable focal point of Oakley Square and the Oakley/Hyde Park community. It’s home to shelves and shelves of marvelous childhood playthings.

The selection is expansive. It includes dollhouses, wooden trains, RC cars, retro toys, bikes and scooters, arts and crafts supplies, and the largest selection of LEGO in Cincinnati.

There’s more, of course. Much more. King Arthur’s Court features hundreds of brands, from the popular to the hard-to-find to the downright exotic. And your children are encouraged to play with the toys before you buy them, so you’re assured the toys are both fun and safe.

That assurance comes courtesy of the toy store’s insanely helpful staff. They know their stuff, which is vital in toy shopping because, let’s be honest, most of us adults have truly no idea what our kids are looking for. And if they can’t be along to direct you, the King Arthur’s Court staff will be there to give you reliable recommendations based on your kid’s age. They’ll even help you carry your purchases to your car!

But kids aren’t the only focus at King Arthur’s Court. The store features puzzles and board games too, which (trust me) make for some of the best family bonding experiences you can find.

Gift wrapping is FREE at King Arthur’s Court. They also ship worldwide.