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Best Gifts for Three Year Olds
Aeromax Robot Helmet
BeginAgain Toys I1202 Number Snail Puzzle
Brio 33409 Classic Train

Brio 33615 Classic Bridge Station
Just like a real train, this classic wooden model drives up the hill and stops at a station. And isn’t it magical how the wagons are connected to each other? Discover the enchanting train adventure that never ends! Ages 2+.
$19.99 [each]
California Creations 40277 Dusty the Dune Buggy Wind Up
Wind up , drives forward , does a forward roll , drives forward again... Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 70100 Mort the Monkey Wind Up
Our smart Mort the Monkey lifts his body with his long shiny blue arms shuffling away to his right. Mort happily walks with his hands. Our monkey toy is a reproduction of the classic wind up monkey by California Creations. Mart wears a leopard skin Tarzan suit! A great gift for your happy monkey or...
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 72012 Emma the Elephant Wind Up
Wind up Emma the Elephant to watch her walk and swing her head! Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 73050 Tommy the Twister Boy Wind Up
Wind up Tommy the Twister to watch him dance! 3.5" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 73051 Trixie the Twister Girl Wind Up
Wind up Trixie the Twister to watch her dance! 3.5" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 80225 Luke the Lobster
California Creations ZWindUps Luke the Lobster Wind-Up Toy Whether scampering around the ocean floor trying to avoid becoming Sam the Sea Otter's next meal, or simply fidgeting his claws for no reason whatsoever, Luke is constantly on the move. A boundless bundle of energy, even his best friend...
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 80250 Crab Wind Up
Crab Windup will shuffle sideways, eyes bobbing up and down, moving one arm and closing his large claw all after a couple cranks of the windup mechanism. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 80450 Scott the Scorpion Wind Up
Wind up Scott the Scorpian to watch him walk forward and swing his tail and move his pincers. 3.5" long. Ages 3+
$3.99 [each]
California Creations 80930 George Giraffe Wind Up
Wind up George the giraffe to watch him skitter around! 3" tall. Ages 3+
$4.99 [each]
California Creations 86100 Wind Up Nose and Glasses
Silly wind up glasses! Watch the eyebrows wiggle!
$6.99 [each]
Corolle DLF37 Babibunny Nightlight Grenadine Baby Doll
Corolle soft dolls have sweetly expressive faces that will captivate and soothe your baby. Helps to engage and encourage Baby's emerging senses. Machine-washable, feather-light and made to be loved. Just press on its tummy and a soft night-light comes on for five minutes. A series of eight tunes...
$39.99 [each]
Corolle DMN15 Mon Premier Bébé Calin Bisou Doll
This lightweight baby doll with soft, vanilla-scented skin, features a soft, bean-filled body can assume real baby-like poses. Measures 12", surface washable. Ages 18 months+.
$49.99 [each]
Corolle DMT94 Potty and Milk Bottle Cherry
Set including a bottle to be filled and a potty: two essential accessories to take care of a large 36-42cm Corolle baby doll like a real mommy! Baby Doll sold separately. Ages 3+
$7.99 [each]
Corolle DMT98 Doll Cherry Bed & Changing Table
This bed and a changing table includes a removable changing pad. Baby Doll sold separately. Ages 3+
$59.99 [each]
Corolle FBM73 Mon Premier Bébé Bath Floral Bloom Baby Doll
Mon Premier Bébé Bath Floral Bloom loves to swim and splash around in water! This swimming companion also helps children slowly familiarize themselves with all types of aquatic environments: • bathtub (soapy water) • swimming pool (chlorinated water) • sea (salt water). Ages 3+
$39.99 [each]
Corolle Y5483 Grenadine Blouse & Denim Pants for 17-inch baby doll
Beautifully sewn and finished, this fashion set is for 17" dolls. Hand washable. Ages 3+
$27.99 [each]
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty SF003 Superfly -Mini 2" Tin
This bouncy, bold, spectacularly stretchy stuff will have kids imagining new and fun ways to play all day. Naturally, it's called "Thinking Putty"! Made from top secret but all natural ingredients, the putty is safe and non-toxic. Come packages in a reusable metal tin. It can stretch like rubber...
$2.99 [each]
Dover 80077-6 Creative Haven CityScapes: A Coloring Book with a Hidden Picture Twist
Twenty-eight dynamic illustrations offer snapshots of cities all over the world, from London, Paris, and Florence to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Hidden pictures make each page worth a second look! Answers are included. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and...
$5.99 [each]
Epoch CT51005 Chalktivity Powdered Chalk Refill Packs
CREATIVITY IN ACTION – This rainbow refill pack is designed for all of your favorite Chalktivity toys. Get new shades for your stompers. Swing into a new hue with your jump rope. These additional colors are the perfect addition to your already brilliant imagination. GET UP AND ACTIVE – If...
$4.99 [each]
Groovy Girls 153680 Lola
Lola is looking good in her maxi dress! Ages 3+
$15.99 [each]
Groovy Girls 154690 Special Edition Velvet Groovy Girl
Velvet is dressed to the hilt on the equestrian field, ready for a championship ride on Shadow, her horse. Ages 3+
$21.99 [each]
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