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Calico Critters CC1454 Chocolate Lab Family
Calico Critters CC1483 Family SUV Vehicle, Seven Seater
Calico Critters CC1489 Mango Monkey Family

Calico Critters CC1510 Cuddle Bear Twins
Includes Boy twin, Bradley and Girl twin Casey. Includes mini bottle and pacifier Bradley wears blue and likes playing with his older brother. His favorite candy is strawberry lollipops Casey wears pink and is always smiling and laughing. She likes playing outside with her older sister. Ages 3+.
$9.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1545 Sweetpea Rabit Family
The Calico Critters Sweetpea Rabbit Family includes 4 poseable figures, the mother, father, sister and brother. Mother Nikki is a nurse in Calico Village and likes taking care of all the children and babies. She also likes decorating her home with lots of flowers and pictures of her family....
$26.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1553 Hot Dog Van
Delicious food on the go! Van features grill and counter with food warmer. Over 30 pieces including yummy hot dogs, pretzels, waffles, fries, drinks and more! Tires and steering wheel rotate. Van measures 9 1/2" x 5" x 6 1/2". Critters sold separately.
$39.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1557 Seaside Treasure Set
Join Lily Tuxedo Cat on an exciting snorkeling adventure! Includes Lily Tuxedo Cat in bikini, 2 swimming fins, goggles, snorkel, treasure chest, seashell, pearl, tiara, clown fish on corals, and Moorish idol fish on corals.
$24.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1720 Boutique Playhouse
Critters love shopping for beautiful fashion accessories in the boutique. It has everything critter girls need to keep looking stylish! Features Cecilia Persian cat, dress, shoes, purses, jewelry, mirror, display stands & more!
$69.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1721 Cosmetic Counter
Nora Persian cat has all the cosmetics she needs to get picture perfect! the vanity features foundation, eye shadow & blush Palettes. Set includes a variety of lipsticks, nail polishes and eyeliners to keep critter girls looking their best!
$26.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1722 Dressing Area
Bell Hopscotch rabbit is shopping for the perfect party dress! Set includes Bell the Hopscotch rabbit,2 fancy dresses, clothing rack, 2 hangers and a full length mirror.
$26.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1723 Brick Oven Bakery
Critters love to treat themselves to freshly baked goods and tasty sandwiches from the brick oven bakery. Features Heloise pickle weeds Hedgehog, brick oven, bread, sandwiches, pastries, cake, Pie, bread counter, cart, cash register & more!
$69.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1724 Pizza Delivery Playset
Harold pickle weeds Hedgehog is riding his motor scooter to deliver delicious pizza straight to critters' homes! set also includes 5 different types of pizza, 2 pizza boxes, pizza cuter and signboard.
$26.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1725 Doughnut Store
· Over 25 pieces of doughnuts, muffins, tea and more! · Display stand for treats · Includes Carol Cuddle Bear
$26.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Calico Critters CC1726 Convertible Car
Critters can drive into the Sunset in this stylish convertible car! features retractable roof, rotating tires & wheels, and cup holders! Critters sold separately.
$29.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1727 Ballet Theater Playhouse
Prima ballerina bell hopscotch rabbit is getting ready to take center stage! she is practicing her ballet routines for a show-stopping performance in the ballet theater. She loves to twirl around and show off her dance moves! Includes ballerina bell hopscotch rabbit in a beautiful costume and...
$79.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1728 Ballerina Friends
Ballerinas Rebecca Sweetpea Rabbit & Nora Persian Cat in costumes and pointe shoes · Includes tiara, bow, and 2 ballerina stands to connect to the Ballet Theater (sold separately)
$22.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1729 Ice Skating Friends
Join Bell hopscotch rabbit & Susie silk cat as they spend the day ice skating. Place the stands in the ballet theater (sold separately), turn the handle, and watch the ice skaters twirl! Critters love skating on the rink!
$22.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1735 Poodle Family
The Calico Critters Toy Poodle Family includes 4 poseable figures, the mother, father, sister and brother. Mother Veronica is a fantastic baker. She makes the most delicious cakes and is always thinking of new recipes. She likes to invite critters to her home to taste her newest creations....
$26.99 [each]
Calico Critters Cc2459 Bunk Beds
New from Calico Critters! Includes 2 mattresses, 2 pillows, 2 blankets and ladder to reach the top bunk. Separate into 2 single beds. Animals sold separately. Ages 3+.
$9.99 [each]
Calico Critters Cc2624 Triple Baby Bunk Beds
These three beds can be used separately or they can be stacked to make the ultimate bunk bed! Complete with mattresses/pillows, blankets & 2 climbing ladders. Critters sold separately. Ages 3+
$9.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC2923 Parent's Bedroom
Includes a double bed with matching bed sheet and pillow, armoire with mirror and drawer, vanity with mirror and 2 drawers, bench, night stand with drawer, lamp, cosmetic jar, alarm clock and 2 books. Ages 3+. (Critters sold separately)
$27.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1409 Adventure Treasure Ship
Land Ho!! Join the Calico Critters on an exciting seaside adventure! This ship features 4 secret compartments, lookout tower with steering wheel & crow's nest, slide, bridge, lifesaver swing, treasure chest, 4 treasure pieces, crown, water piece, fishing net, binoculars with strap, flag, 2 ship...
$32.99 [each]
Calico Critters Cc1425 Let's Go Camping
Calico Critters love spending time outside. What is better than camping? This set includes Over 20 pieces including Silky Cat Sister Susie, tent, sleeping bag, backpack, camping “gas” stove, kettle, candle lantern, head wrap, stools, plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives & a book. Ages 3+
$24.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1444 Adventure Treehouse
Critters have tons of fun playing in the tree house! Features cabin, slide, sundeck, swing, and pulley! Also includes tree trunk & grass base, 2 tree branches, tree stem for pulley, 2 railings, and 2 ladders. House measures 13" x 11.5" x 15". Ages 3+ Critters sold separately.
$69.99 [each]
Calico Critters CC1452 Chocolate Labrador Triplets
Dylan, Helena and Piper Jane are the cutest dogs in Cloverleaf Corners. These triplets are a great addition to any Calico Critters collection. Ages 3+
$14.99 [each]
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