Cap guns
Cap Guns
Parris 912 Paper Roll Caps
Parris 25C 270 Semi-Auto Bolt Action Rifle
Parris 4607 Sportsman 44 Magnum

Parris 915 Single Shot Strip Caps
Strip caps are used mostly with our larger rifles. Includes 208 single-action shots per set.
$2.99 [each]
Parris 916 Soft Rubber Ammo
This ammo works with the SPORTSMAN Guns and shoots up to 50 feet! Includes 20 soft rubber ammo balls.
$2.99 [each]
Parris Manufacturing 4630CZH Zombie Hunter Cap Gun
Looks like the real thing! Features a 5 bullet magazine. Shoots #916 Soft Rubber Ammo up to 20 feet. Measures 12" long. Made in Italy. Soft rubber ammo sold separately.
$19.99 [each]
Parris Manufacturing 4642 1911 Pistol and Grenade
Green 8″ pistol made with plastic has a pearl colored handle with a 5″ plastic grenade. Pistol has a semi-auto action, fires #915 strip caps. Grenade can be loaded with a #917 cap and will fire off when dropped. Ages 6+.
$12.99 [each]
Parris Manufacturing 4644 Cap Grenade
Just load a red cap on the silver tip and throw the Grenade into the air. You get a big bang sound when the Grenade Bomb lands on its end. The silver metal and green plastic Grenade uses single shot red plastic caps. Buy several for your WWII party or make your own games. Don t forget your ammo!...
$4.99 [each]
Parris 4602 Grizzly Rifle W Scope
This rifle features a long-range scope and a wood-looking, plastic stock. Measures 29" long and shoots strip caps #915. Makes a great, authentic Theatrical prop. Made in Italy. Ages 8+.
$29.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Parris 4628 Autocap Handgun
This Autocap Handgun is constructed of high quality durable plastic, features semi-auto action. Shoots #915 Strip Caps. Made in Italy.
$11.99 [each]
Out of Stock
Parris Manufacturing 4711 Jesse James Pistol Holster Set
Inspired by the guns of Jesse James era, this western-style Die Cast Metal gun set features a latch to open the chamber to load 12 shot ring caps, a real trigger and hammer action. The holster, belt, simulated wood handle and red tip are all safe plastic. Don t forget your ammunition with our 12...
$24.99 [each]
Out of Stock
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