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Lego 21312 Ideas Women of NASA
Lego 71020 Minifigure THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Series 2
Lego 10712 Classic Bricks and Gears

Lego 10714 Classic Blue Baseplate
Measures 32x32 studs or 10'' (25cm) square. Ages 4+, 1 pieces.
$9.99 [each]
Lego 10748 Juniors Emma' s Pet Party
Celebrate Chico's birthday with Emma! Features a park setting with archway, buildable balloons and seesaw, plus a stand with buildable cake and a wheelbarrow. Includes an Emma mini-doll figure and a Chico cat figure. Ages 4+, 67 pieces.
$9.99 [each]
Lego 10753 Juniors The Joker™ Batcave Attack
Swoop in with Batman™ and take on the Joker™! Features the Batcave with viewscreen and integrated docking for the Batwing, small jail with opening door, plus a control center, as well as space for the grappling hook gun and Batarang, which can be attached to the Batcave. Includes Batman™, The...
$27.99 [each]
Lego 10755 Juniors Zane's Ninja Boat Pursuit
Race against Chopper Maroon for the treasure map! Features a temple with ramps, a dock, spinning knives and snake obstacles, treasure map with stand and decorative staffs above the archway that double as secret weapons. Includes Zane and Chopper Maroon minifigures. Ages 4+, 131 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 10858 Duplo My First Puzzle Pets
Learn about colors and pets with 3 fun puzzles! Features 3 color-coded, buildable puzzles: a bird, cat and a dog. Includes bricks decorated as food for each pet as play starters. Ages 18 months+, 18 pieces.
$11.99 [each]
Lego 10859 Duplo My First Ladybug
Create, learn and play with the little ladybug! Features a buildable ladybug on a LEGO® DUPLO® wheelbase. Also includes a double-sided awake/asleep face brick as a story starter. Ages 18 months+, 6 pieces.
$5.99 [each]
Lego 10860 Duplo My First Race Car
Create racing role-play stories with the colorful car! Features a buildable race car on a LEGO® DUPLO® wheelbase. Also includes a double-sided brick featuring different driver characters as story starters. Ages 18 months+, 6 pieces.
$5.99 [each]
Lego 10861 Duplo My First Emotions
Explore different emotions with these buildable characters. Features 4 buildable characters with double-sided face bricks and decorated body bricks portraying a range of emotions. Also features double-sided story bricks as play starters, including an ice cream/dropped ice cream, inflated/burst...
$22.99 [each]
Lego 10862 Duplo My First Celebration
Throw a LEGO® DUPLO® celebration with these buildable cakes! Features a large layer cake and 3 individual cakes. Accessory elements include candles and toppings for the cakes. Ages 18 months+, 41 pieces.
$16.99 [each]
Lego 10864 Duplo Large Playground Brick Box
Develop creativity and fine motor skills with a playground theme! Features a treehouse with slide, swing area with windmill and a bouncy car ride. Includes 2 child LEGO® DUPLO® figures. Ages 2+, 71 pieces.
$54.99 [each]
Lego 10868 Duplo Farm Pony Stable
Take care of the ponies at the Farm Pony Stable! Features a stable with opening door and tipping hay feeder. The stables make a great toddler toy as they are easy to build and rebuild in different ways, providing endless role-play opportunities for little pony lovers. Includes 2 child LEGO®...
$32.99 [each]
Lego 10870 Duplo Farm Animals
Learn to look after the little farm animals! Features a chicken coop with opening door. Includes 4 animal figures: a calf, piglet, chicken and a cat. Ages 2+, 16 pieces.
$11.99 [each]
Lego 10871 Duplo Airport
Head off on vacation at the LEGO® DUPLO® Airport! Features an airport building with luggage slide, boarding gate and revolving air traffic control tower, plus a buildable plane with wheels. Includes 3 LEGO® DUPLO® figures: a pilot, dad and a child. Ages 2+, 29 pieces.
$27.99 [each]
Lego 10877 Duplo Belle´s Tea Party
Enter the kitchen of the enchanted castle to sing and dance with Disney’s Belle and her new friends. Features a fireplace with opening door and a table with 2 chairs. Includes a LEGO® DUPLO® figure: Belle, plus Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth figures. Ages 2+, 19 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 21039 Architecture Shanghai
Celebrate Shanghai with this LEGO® Architecture Skyline set! Features iconic attractions Chenghuang Miao Temple, Longhua Temple and Pagoda, Radisson Blu Hotel, Bund area, Oriental Pearl, World Financial Center and the Shanghai Tower. Includes a 4x32 tiled base with decorative Shanghai nameplate....
$64.99 [each]
Lego 21138 Minecraft The Melon Farm
Grow and trade your crops at the Melon Farm! Features a buildable Minecraft™ melon farm setting with decorative melon banner, crops and exploding Creeper™ function. Includes 2 LEGO® Minecraft™ minifigures: Steve and a villager, plus pig and Creeper™ figures. Ages 6+, 69 pieces.
$16.99 [each]
Lego 21139 Minecraft The Nether Fight
Battle the hostile mobs in the Nether Fight! Features a buildable Minecraft™ Nether setting with buildable mushrooms and flames, and a TNT blasting function. Includes 2 LEGO® Minecraft™ minifigures: Alex and a zombie pigman, plus wither skeleton and small magma cube figures. Ages 6+, 84 pieces.
$16.99 [each]
Lego 21142 Minecraft The Polar Igloo
Set up base at the Polar Igloo! Features a buildable Minecraft™ igloo, set in a snow-covered landscape with a tree, plants and a water area with ice block elements, plus a decorative banner and an arrow dispenser. Includes an Alex LEGO® Minecraft™ minifigure, plus stray, polar bear and baby...
$32.99 [each]
Lego 31072 Creator Extreme Engines
Lego Creator Extreme Engines can be built 3 ways. Ages 6+, 109 pieces.
$9.99 [each]
Lego 31073 Creator Mythical Creatures
Create a world of scary 3-in-1 Mythical Creatures! Features a rebuildable, fire-breathing Dragon with fangs, green eyes and pointed claws, plus posable jaws, head, tail and wings. Rebuild the Dragon to create a scary Spider with big pincers and creepy legs, or a menacing Troll with an axe that...
$16.99 [each]
Lego 31080 Creator Modular Winter Vacation
Hit the slopes with the 3-in-1 Modular Winter Vacation set! The Modular Winter Vacation set features a cozy ski cabin with a rooftop ski slope, slalom flags, balcony with open fire, and a shop with a detailed interior, cash register and serving hatch, plus an outdoor picnic bench. Includes 2...
$39.99 [each]
Lego 31081 Creator Modular Skate House
Lego Creator Modular Skate House can be built 3 ways. Ages 8+, 422 pieces.
$39.99 [each]
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