New for 2018
New for 2018
Lego 21312 Ideas Women of NASA
Melissa & Doug 2470 Family Wooden Flexible Figures Set
Melissa & Doug 2474 Careers Wooden Flexible Figures

Melissa & Doug 30125 First Play Safari Zig-Zag Tower
Get the fun rolling with this sturdy Wooden Tower and four-pieces that spin down the Zig-Zag track! Babies and toddlers 12 months and older will delight in matching, stacking and rolling the smooth, solid wood pieces with friendly safari animal faces that store right in the tower when it's turned...
$19.99 [each]
Melissa & Doug 30127 First Play Elephant Rocking Stacker
Sort, stack, and rock six brightly colored wooden pieces, including a topsy-turvy elephant! A sturdy wooden stacking rod sits on a curved base that rocks and spins. The smooth pieces are easy for babies and toddlers to grasp. Ages 1+.
$12.99 [each]
Melissa & Doug 8514 School Time! Classroom
Open up an instant play setting! This double-sided play set features life-size play scenes built right into the box. Just open the side panels to reveal a student desk on one side and a teacher desk on the other, and lots of interactive surfaces to write on, wipe off, and fill with reusable...
$29.99 [each]
Melissa & Doug 8520 Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set
Take care of your furry friends with the Examine And Treat Pet Vet Playset! Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with regular checkups or help them when they are injured or sick. Playset includes: Plush dog and cat, Stethoscope, Syringe, Cast, Bandages, Medicine bottles, Reusable write-on...
$29.99 [each]
Japanese Kawaii 83071 Ice Cream Koala Squishy
This key chain is a squishy ice cream! Slow-rise and and a great size!
$2.99 [each]
Japanese Kawaii 83198 Pizza Squishy
This key chain is a squishy pizza! Slow-rise and and a great size!
$5.99 [each]
Lego 10712 Classic Bricks and Gears
Build LEGO® creations with fun functions! Features bright and colorful LEGO® pieces that allow for open-ended creative play. Includes LEGO® bricks, gears and axles for creating simple models with fun functions. Ages 4+, 244 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 10714 Classic Blue Baseplate
Measures 32x32 studs or 10'' (25cm) square. Ages 4+, 1 pieces.
$9.99 [each]
Lego 10748 Juniors Emma' s Pet Party
Celebrate Chico's birthday with Emma! Features a park setting with archway, buildable balloons and seesaw, plus a stand with buildable cake and a wheelbarrow. Includes an Emma mini-doll figure and a Chico cat figure. Ages 4+, 67 pieces.
$9.99 [each]
Lego 10753 Juniors The Joker™ Batcave Attack
Swoop in with Batman™ and take on the Joker™! Features the Batcave with viewscreen and integrated docking for the Batwing, small jail with opening door, plus a control center, as well as space for the grappling hook gun and Batarang, which can be attached to the Batcave. Includes Batman™, The...
$27.99 [each]
Lego 10755 Juniors Zane's Ninja Boat Pursuit
Race against Chopper Maroon for the treasure map! Features a temple with ramps, a dock, spinning knives and snake obstacles, treasure map with stand and decorative staffs above the archway that double as secret weapons. Includes Zane and Chopper Maroon minifigures. Ages 4+, 131 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 10858 Duplo My First Puzzle Pets
Learn about colors and pets with 3 fun puzzles! Features 3 color-coded, buildable puzzles: a bird, cat and a dog. Includes bricks decorated as food for each pet as play starters. Ages 18 months+, 18 pieces.
$11.99 [each]
Lego 10859 Duplo My First Ladybug
Create, learn and play with the little ladybug! Features a buildable ladybug on a LEGO® DUPLO® wheelbase. Also includes a double-sided awake/asleep face brick as a story starter. Ages 18 months+, 6 pieces.
$5.99 [each]
Lego 10860 Duplo My First Race Car
Create racing role-play stories with the colorful car! Features a buildable race car on a LEGO® DUPLO® wheelbase. Also includes a double-sided brick featuring different driver characters as story starters. Ages 18 months+, 6 pieces.
$5.99 [each]
Lego 10861 Duplo My First Emotions
Explore different emotions with these buildable characters. Features 4 buildable characters with double-sided face bricks and decorated body bricks portraying a range of emotions. Also features double-sided story bricks as play starters, including an ice cream/dropped ice cream, inflated/burst...
$22.99 [each]
Lego 10862 Duplo My First Celebration
Throw a LEGO® DUPLO® celebration with these buildable cakes! Features a large layer cake and 3 individual cakes. Accessory elements include candles and toppings for the cakes. Ages 18 months+, 41 pieces.
$16.99 [each]
Lego 10864 Duplo Large Playground Brick Box
Develop creativity and fine motor skills with a playground theme! Features a treehouse with slide, swing area with windmill and a bouncy car ride. Includes 2 child LEGO® DUPLO® figures. Ages 2+, 71 pieces.
$54.99 [each]
Lego 10868 Duplo Farm Pony Stable
Take care of the ponies at the Farm Pony Stable! Features a stable with opening door and tipping hay feeder. The stables make a great toddler toy as they are easy to build and rebuild in different ways, providing endless role-play opportunities for little pony lovers. Includes 2 child LEGO®...
$32.99 [each]
Lego 10870 Duplo Farm Animals
Learn to look after the little farm animals! Features a chicken coop with opening door. Includes 4 animal figures: a calf, piglet, chicken and a cat. Ages 2+, 16 pieces.
$11.99 [each]
Lego 10871 Duplo Airport
Head off on vacation at the LEGO® DUPLO® Airport! Features an airport building with luggage slide, boarding gate and revolving air traffic control tower, plus a buildable plane with wheels. Includes 3 LEGO® DUPLO® figures: a pilot, dad and a child. Ages 2+, 29 pieces.
$27.99 [each]
Lego 10877 Duplo Belle´s Tea Party
Enter the kitchen of the enchanted castle to sing and dance with Disney’s Belle and her new friends. Features a fireplace with opening door and a table with 2 chairs. Includes a LEGO® DUPLO® figure: Belle, plus Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth figures. Ages 2+, 19 pieces.
$22.99 [each]
Lego 21039 Architecture Shanghai
Celebrate Shanghai with this LEGO® Architecture Skyline set! Features iconic attractions Chenghuang Miao Temple, Longhua Temple and Pagoda, Radisson Blu Hotel, Bund area, Oriental Pearl, World Financial Center and the Shanghai Tower. Includes a 4x32 tiled base with decorative Shanghai nameplate....
$64.99 [each]
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