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Playmobil 9244 Dragons Drago's Ship
Playmobil 9247 Dragons Astrid & Stormfly
Playmobil 9249 Dragons Eret with 4 Shot Fire Ballista

Playmobil 9243 Dragons Berk
On the island of Berk, dragon-riding is a must! Here, young Viking warriors befriend dragon companions, and together, they keep an eye out for trouble that might threaten their home. Berk’s two-story fortress features a functioning catapult capable of defending the fortress from high above, a...
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Playmobil 9245 Dragons Gobber with Catapult
Join the most loyal Viking around, Gobber, as he defends Berk with his trusty Catapult. Known for his skills of making dragon-friendly devices, his loyalty to Berk and their fire-breathing friends is no match for any enemy. Thanks to his interchangeable arm attachments, Gobber can sport either a...
$12.99 [each]
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Playmobil 9246 Dragons Hiccup & Toothless
Join in all the action with Berk’s heroic duo, Hiccup and Toothless. In true Night Fury fashion, Toothless can shoot a blue fire dart from his mouth, keeping his enemies at bay. With illuminating back spikes (1 x AAA battery required), Toothless isn’t easily intimidated, and together, he and...
$34.99 [each]
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Playmobil 9248 Dragons Drago & Thunderclaw
Prepare for an attack as Drago approaches with the ferocious Thunderclaw! A fierce dragon hunter, Drago uses his dragon-hide cape to fight off dragon fire and trains Thunderclaw to battle other dragons for capture. Thanks to his detachable armor, Thunderclaw is one mighty opponent. Set includes...
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