School Zone Publishing 05231 Alphabet Stickers Workbook

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School Zone Publishing 05231 Alphabet Stickers Workbook
Now learning the ABCs is quicker withstickers! Trace Q. Then write Q. Then place the stickers that show the Q sound, like Quarter and Queen. Stickers are fun! Especially stickers that plug into each activity to complete the exercises and playfully help develop readiness skills. This unique method of learning teaches skills like how to recognize and print letters, identify beginning sounds, match pictures to words, and review alphabetical order, which builds an important foundation for reading. And with this Alphabet Stickers Workbook from the Stuck on Learning! series, it's all cleverly disguised as enjoyable sticker play designed to prepare your child for elementary school. There are also colorful award stickers that reward your child over and over for a job well done. And when he or she completes the book, a full-page Certificate of Achievement awaits. As your child traces, outlines, and works through this workbook, he or she will be developing those essential skills needed for future success in school. Get your child stuck on learning!
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