Waboba 673 Big Kahuna

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Waboba 673 Big Kahuna
Biggest, most versatile ball yet! * 4" diameter * Assorted colors (Red, blue or green) Please note specific color requests in the "Customer Comments" section of your order. Colors sold separately. Each ball is $7.99. Appropriate for all ages. Great toy for kids with special needs! Playing with the Waboba balls promotes active play and helps combat childhood obesity. Throwing and catching the Waboba balls requires balance and coordination. Using the Waboba balls can be used as a motivator for a child to use his hands, arms and increase strength. Motor planning and sequencing steps to complete a task are incorporated into play- retrieve ball, grasp the ball, find balance and stance, and throw the Waboba ball. Waboba balls are well constructed providing durability for long-term use. The Waboba balls are lightweight, enabling a child with muscle weakness the opportunity to play successfully. The Waboba balls float on water which makes them easily accessible for a child to find on top of the water versus under the water. Waboba balls are easy to grasp and hold.
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Price $7.99
Manufacturer Waboba Inc
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