Artie’s Birthday Castle

Do you have a birthday? Artie the Dragon loves birthdays and wants to celebrate!

Although Artie is usually traveling the world to find toys for us, he is always sure to drop off some special gifts in his castle whenever he knows a birthday kid is coming to visit! Come in around your birthday for the chance to unlock the castle door and discover what treasures he’s left for you.

Visiting Artie’s castle is completely free, just sign up here. Parents also have the option to purchase additional toys to be wrapped in our special golden paper and placed in the castle alongside the provided gifts. The castle is a family experience, made for everyone to enjoy! We’d tell you more, but don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Have fun storming the castle!


Make their birthday magical! Sign up and discover Artie’s Birthday Castle with the whole family. Unlock the majestic door and experience a journey up through the castle to find birthday treasure from Artie.