Artie’s Gift List

Our new gift registry will make your big event go to eleven! Arties’ Gift List is a super easy way to take the hassle out of gift giving AND add some Artie magic to boot! Kiddo’s can easily make their list while they run around our store. Friends and family, far and near, can buy the perfect present and have it wrapped in our exclusive gold paper and personalized in the blink on an eye! And best of all? Artie’s gonna help celebrate!

Birthday Party Room

Are you hosting your kiddo’s birthday in our new party room? That’s awesome! Not only is it fun & easy for the birthday boy or girl to come in and make their list, but on “Party Day” Artie the Dragon will hand deliver every present purchased from his Gift List. Your birthday kiddo will feal like royalty when they sit on our giant throne and Artie hands them golden presents from his giant bag! Out-of-town family & friends can’t make the party? We’ve got the next best thing…. send em’ a video of Artie “presenting” the birthday kiddo with their present!

It’s great for in-town gifters too. Make it easy for your fellow parents, they pick out a present whenever it’s convenient for them. If that means the day of the party (five minutes after they’ve dropped their kids off for the party) then no-problemo! We’ll get it gift wrapped in gold paper (with a charming enclosure card attached!) and into Artie’s big bag o’ gifts right in time for the party!

Artie’s Birthday Castle

Artie’s Birthday castle is already pretty special, but you can make it EXTRA special! Your kiddo can create a gift list for friends and family to purchase gifts from and on the day of your choosing you can come into the store, unlock Artie’s Castle. Climb to the very top and find a mountain of gold wrapped gifts for the birthday boy or girl! Of course, each present will have a personalized gift enclosure card, so the “Giftee” knows exactly who the “Gifter” is. It’ll be a special moment that the “Gifter” will love to see a picture of if they can’t be there in person. And because he always has to add a special touch, Artie will personally write a letter to the birthday kiddo and have it waiting for them at the top of the castle with the rest of the presents. Artie loves writing but you can ask him to focus on some specific points for your castle visit. Just let us know what you’d like Artie to mention, and we’ll do our best to work it into his letter to your little one.

To sign up for Artie’s Gift List, just stop by the store. Signing up is completely free and we’re happy to answer any questions you or your family have.