History Of Artie

Artie’s backstory is a still shrouded in mystery (we think Artie likes being a little dramatic to be honest).

From what we’ve been able to piece together, Artie was born thousands of years ago in a far off kingdom, long since lost to the sands of time. He’s spent several millennia traveling the globe and visiting its far flung corners. Even for a Dragon, several thousand years is a pretty long time and Artie doesn’t look a day over 500. We’ve asked him how he stays looking so young and he’s certain that it’s his love of play. Artie loves to say that play is about what you want to be, so it’s much more about your heart than anything else.

But what brings a Dragon to Cincinnati you might ask? The answer to that is baseball. A well-known fact is that dragons LOVE baseball, but Artie loves baseball more than any other dragon, EVER. That says a lot! And so does Artie, about baseball, constantly! Artie is CONVINCED that he and a group of knight friends invented the sport about 1000 years ago while he was venturing the English Isles. He even provided a sketch of the first game (pictured on this page) as evidence. We’re not exactly sure that this is what you would call “rock solid proof” but you try arguing that with a dragon.

What history books can agree on is that Cincinnati was home to the first professional baseball team and apparently the prospect of playing for them drew Artie to our town like a moth to a flame. Artie’s baseball career is ALMOST as shrouded in mystery as the rest of his life. We came across a very old baseball card (pictured on this page) that appears to be from the 1890’s going by the look of his mustache.

Artie may have given up his professional career (we think he did, after all a dragon playing baseball is the kind of thing that would make it onto the news nowadays) but he’s never given up his love of the sport or of making time for play. Today he spends most of his time traveling the globe to find the best & most unique gifts for people of all ages. He may have to travel a lot but he always makes it back to our town whenever we have a special event here at King Arthur’s. Artie loves to give out high fours (dragons have four fingers) and pose for pictures with everyone he meets (dragons love Instagram). Come on by the next time we have an event and say hi!

History of Artie
History of Artie