CDX Blocks

BE YOUR OWN ROLLER COASTER DESIGNER, with CDX BLOCKS, now at King Arthur’s Court Toys.

CDX Blocks are a customizable roller coaster kit that you can use to build your own roller coaster. Use the design that’s in the box to make one of these awesome rides – OR – use your imagination and build your own design. But, what makes CDX Blocks awesome? They are completely compatible with LEGO® blocks, meaning you can build these sweet coasters in your own LEGO® city, or use your blocks to further customize your creation.

We currently carry four different CDX Blocks roller coaster models:

    • The Cyclone – Comes with 900+ pieces, CDX’s Flagship Roller Coaster
    • The Sidewinder – CDX’s LOOPING coaster!
    • The Flyer – Comes with 500+ pieces, perfect to throw into your favorite block city!
    • The Little Dipper – The Little Dipper is a great introductory kit to the CDX Roller Coaster system!

You can also automate your coaster with the available Motor and Power Supply, so the rides in your park NEVER have to close at the end of the night.