History of the Court

The story of King Arthur’s Court started over 40 years ago. In the beginning, our store was just a tiny hobby shop tucked away in line of neighborhood stores on the outskirts of Xavier University.

The store may have been small at the start, but our founders put their hearts into every aspect of it. Before the doors ever opened, every model and every bottle of paint was painstakingly selected and lovingly displayed. The mission was to provide the most unique items in the most unique atmosphere.
In the years that followed, we discovered more and more amazing items that we wanted to showcase in our store. Very quickly our selection grew to include not only hobbies, but toys and gifts for all ages and occasions.

Very quickly, our tiny store was getting crowded, and a search began to find a new spot where we could continue adding new and unique gifts. Finally, in 1982, we found a new place to call home and King Arthur’s officially moved to the Hyde Park Plaza. Our new space opened up possibilities that we
couldn’t have dreamed of before. Soon, we were filling the new space with life size Lego models, giant marble runs, and towering stuffed animals.

In 1992, we had a chance to return to our roots, to be a store right in the middle of one of Cincinnati’s great neighborhoods, and to be part of the day-to-day lives of our neighbors. So, we moved our store several blocks over into the heart of Oakley Square.

King Arthur’s Court Toys continued growing right alongside Oakley, but as the years went by, our founders realized it was becoming more and more difficult for them to keep up with the needs of our busy store. In 2015, they started their search to find a new family, one that would be able to
carry on our tradition for generations to come. In 2017, the Trebbi family officially picked up the torch and accepted the responsibility of ushering King Arthur’s into the future. They guided extensive renovations for our building, including new play and
activity areas for youngsters and big comfy couches for the parents!

Our work continues today as we strive to look for new and unique gifts for our customers of all ages. We are constantly challenging ourselves to re-invent and improve every part of the experience we provide. At King Arthur’s Court, we want to make sure that every time you come into our store, we’ve made your experience here even better than the last.