The Royal Book Club

The Royal Book Club is a summer book club for kids meant to make reading fun, meet new friends, and try some fun new games and activities. We’ll be doing a variety of activities each week, from crafts to games based on the book we’re reading: The Wild Robot! Each day will include a kid friendly discussion about the reading, snacks, and an activity.

$50 cost of the club includes the 5 week club with 1 hour 15 min meetings, your kiddos book, craft/art supplies, snacks, and more!

The Book?
We’ll be reading ‘The Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown. The book is recommended for ages 9-12 and follows a curious robot named Roz, who finds herself stranded in the wild on an island. Roz must learn to survive and earn the trust of the island’s animals.

The Royal Book Club will be held each Monday from June 17th to July 15th from 10:30am-11:45am at King Arthur’s Court in our event room.

Who are we?
We’re super excited to host our first book club at King Arthur’s Court. This group is being hosted by two KAC employees/book lovers!

Issey – I’m Issey and will be hosting each week. I’m 19 and love reading! I was a late reader in school, but once it clicked, I fell in love with reading and writing, eventually self-publishing a few books. I’ve assisted in teaching an after-school acting class at Sands Montessori and have been at King Arthurs for almost 3 years, and hope to encourage kids to have some fun with this reading and enjoy it outside of a school setting! (And what’s more fun than a toy store?!)

Rob – I’m Rob and will be the backup host and doing the logistics. I love to read to my three daughters. Now that they are old enough to read on their own, we love doing “Family Reading Time” where we turn off all screens and get out our favorite books.

How to sign up?
Ready to sign up? We have a few ways! Either stop in and fill out a form and pay on the spot, or fill out this google form and give us a call within the next week to check out. Once you’ve signed up and paid, your spot will be reserved! We’ll shoot you a reminder email the week before our first meeting, since we know things get busy!

We have a limited number of spots, so we will be accepting sign ups until May 31st or spots fill up.

Other Q and A:

    • Do we need to bring anything to the meetings? Nope! Your book will be provided during your first meeting. Kiddos will be encouraged to bring them along each week, but not required. We will also be providing all snacks/materials! So no worries 🙂
    • Do I need to attend meetings? Parents/guardians are welcome to hang out and have fun with us, or can go chill out in one of our comfy couch areas with some free coffee.
    • Have any other questions? Give us a call at 513-531-4600 or email at Or feel free to chat with us when you’re in!