The Climbers

Tabletop Game | 2-5 players | ~ 45 Minutes | Ages: 8+


In an effort to offer new and unique family games to King Arthur’s Court Toys, The Climbers was one of the first games we knew we needed to bring to you.

In The Climbers, your goal is to climb to the highest level of the structure, but you may only ascend on blocks that are the same color as your climber. To help with your climb, on your turn, you may move and rotate blocks from anywhere on the structure. Ladders can be used to climb large distances, but once you use them, they’re out of the game. Use your tools wisely and at the right time to make the best possible moves in your adventure to the top!

The Climbers has been a hit at King Arthur’s, specifically because it doesn’t look like a traditional board game. The 3D nature of the tower makes for a unique table presence that will have anyone ask “what are you playing,” as soon as they see it. Plus, with few rules to get you started, the game is perfect for both kids and adults.

The Climbers is published by Capstone Games, a company based out of Clayton Ohio. Designed by Holger Lanz with artwork by Konstantin Vohwinkel, The Climbers is an abstract strategy game that plays 2 to 5 players in about 45 minutes. It is the first game in their series called “Simply Complex”, which features highly accessible games with 3D presence, low rules overhead, but complex decisions. The second game in the series, The Estates, which is an auction game about building properties and bidding against your opponents, is also available at King Arthur’s Court Toys.