Two Bros Bows

Living in their 800 square foot apartment of Davidson, NC, brothers Duncan (10) & Hayden (7) decided to come up with a way to make some extra spending money.

Designed by Duncan (10) and Hayden (7), two brothers from Davidson, NC, Two Bros Bows have been one of the most popular items at King Arthur’s Court Toys.

When asked, “What do you have for a 6+ year old,” a Two Bros Bows set tends to be one of the first suggestions for boys and girls alike. Parents love that these safe and durable bow and arrow sets encourage the kids to go outside and play. With soft, round “tips”, these arrows bounce right off of their intended target without worry of danger or injury. Plus, with the overwhelming number of bow, arrow, and quiver combinations, children can put together their own complete set that might be different than any of their friends. The award-winning, hand crafted, bow and arrow sets are made in the USA.

What’s most exciting is that at King Arthur’s Court Toys, you can try them out in our specialty archery range in our brand new Dungeon area! Take a shot at the dastardly dragon to test out your aim, or find out which design might be your favorite!

“Work hard, Play hard” has always been their family’s motto, and has been an extremely rewarding process for the boys. Duncan & Hayden are excited that children across the world are rediscovering their own adventurous spirits, heading out to explore nature, all while having fun with the bow and arrows they created.