Welcome To King Arthur’s Court

We get some pretty fun visitors…of all sizes. A lot of them never left. Yep, even Dinosaurs! We couldn’t get this prehistoric friend to leave…but he actually makes for pretty good company. We’ve overheard him and Artie ranting about how people always get Dinosaurs and Dragons mixed up. At least they’ve found something to bond over.

Along with that huge fellow, who hardly fits through the door, we have a few knight buddies!

We don’t know how long it took for this little dude to make it here, but it must have been quite a journey. He has assured us that although he is small, he’s fierce. He tends to hang out in Arties’s castle, as he enjoys saying hello whenever Artie drops off birthday gifts. That’s what he says at least, but I wonder if he sneaks a few dragon snacks from time to time. I can’t say I blame him.

Just as our little friend settled in, a slightly taller friend seemed to have followed not far behind. He introduced himself to us and seemed fond of the Legos and Playmobil sets. He told us he’s built EVERY Lego set! (Is that even possible…?) Either way, he now stands tall (really tall) among his favorite toys and watches over the whole store.